the sims 3 comes with a list of every single graphics card that the developers were aware of and specifies whether or not they're supported

and i've got bad news for all you nvidia TNT users out there


also of note: in the directory that contains all of the game's essential files and configuration, there is a folder called "Jazz"

it contains but one lone file: JazzData.package

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i also found a few files that contain links to EA's internal documentation

so if anyone has access to the EA intranet as it appeared circa 2009 please check out ears-wiki/ctg/_docs/depot/UTF/ and see what it says

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according to the changelogs i have files that were last modified at 09/15/2013

EA is pushing their workers so hard that they added 3 new months to the year... damn

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@Frinkeldoodle and it's less than 3 megabytes, EA must have a damn good compression algorithm

@lynnesbian what's even more curious is that they only seem to have up to 12 days in a month, but up to 31 months

even more interesting is that every new rotation of the earth, they change month, and they change the day once they've gone through all of a numbered day in all of the months

@Nikolai_Kingsley @lynnesbian ah yeah, the classics have never sounded better *headbangs to scary monsters and nice sprites on midi*

@lynnesbian The american way to display dates is MM/DD/YYYY. So it corresponds to 15th september 2013.

@lynnesbian I just discovered that apparently my Ubuntu’s file utility actually knows what this is:

$ file JazzData.package 
JazzData.package: Maxis Database Packed File, version: 2.0, files: 1351

@Sylvhem not really, i assume that it's maybe the sounds that play when a sim is "jamming" on an instrument

why it's here instead of with the rest of the game data i have no idea

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