:porky_happy: nintendo when they convince the norwegian court that preorders are non-refundable and non-cancellable
:porky_happy: nintendo when they make it impossible to get refunds on anything sold through the eshop
:porky_happy: nintendo when they pirate their own games and sell ten of them back to you preloaded onto a microconsole while "accidentally" not producing enough, leasing to a supply shortage and artificially and dramatically increasing the price
:porky_happy: nintendo when you need to subscribe to switch online, pokemon bank AND pokemon home to send pokemon from the 3DS to the switch
:porky_scared: nintendo when people download a thirty year old video game without purchasing it despite the fact that it is literally impossible to purchase a new copy of said game

@lynnesbian How did they convince the Norwegian court? It's not allowed under EU regulations, is it? I'd assume Norway would follow the same rules here?

@loke their argument is that when you preorder a game, it preloads some of the game in advance, and as soon as your switch starts preloading the game, your service has begun, and you therefore aren't automatically entitled to a refund, in the same way you aren't entitled to a refund if you've already started playing the game

@lynnesbian Wow. That's an insane argument. I need to look this up because I'm almost certain that this is not acceptable in the EU.

Norway isn't in the EU, but they follow much of the same rules.

@lynnesbian fuck nintendo

but i'm still play odyssey.... i'm still play

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