nintendo switch online is awesome! you get free access to some of nintendo's hottest games mere decades after release, easy to remember twelve digit friend codes instead of confusing usernames, online gameplay in mario maker 2 and SSBU that fans are calling "barely functional" and "technically working", cutting edge features such as voice chat through an app that doesn't work on rooted phones - you couldn't do THAT on the original xbox that released two decades ago, because the xbox's voice chat used the actual console instead! you even get to subscribe to bank, home AND nintendo switch online to transfer pokemon! nintendo really knows how to innovate


and get this - remember that bullshit nintendo club where you could get "exclusive merchandise" or "full games" by spending points? it's been replaced by something infinitely better - if you buy a game, you get (up to) a whole sixty cents to use towards future purchases!! and buying games through the eshop gives you even more coins, so when you think about it it's justified that breath of the wild (launch title) still sells for AU$90

(sixty cents must be redeemed within two years of manufacture of the cartridge. not all games include coins.)

@00dani @lynnesbian holds you both tight
it's okay cuties
Nintendo can't hurt you. i'm here :)


@lynnesbian the way Nintendo somehow keeps their games full price no matter how old they are is so ridiculous to me how are they the only company doing that like it just artificially drives up resale price so you gotta still pay like 30 bucks for generations old pokemons that are on a (not! they promised it wasn't!) dead console.

I missed the sarcasm in this post when I started reading it and was about to respond "hey! I liked Club Nintendo!"
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