rocket league is dropping support for macOS and linux in march

they state it's because they want to move to DX11 and therefore can't support other operating systems, but haven't mentioned why they aren't just using vulkan or something

of note: rocket league is still available on and will continue to be updated for the switch and PS4, neither of which support directX


its also pretty funny how they say they need to adapt to new technologies and then two paragraphs later mention that you can use windows 7 to keep playing

funny in a depressing and infuriating sort of way

@lynnesbian it's pretty blatant that it's just Epic Games shitting on anything not windows because they've been bribed by MS to make the worst product possible

@flussence i wonder why epic games, owners of the windows exclusive epic games launcher, would make their game windows exclusive

@lynnesbian it's weird how we went from valve being the shitty windows drm company in 2004 and epic having native 64-bit linux ports to the exact opposite

@Freyaday @flussence oh, so it is

i still think it's pretty likely that they're planning to move rocket league to the epic store, and if you're dropping linux you may as well drop macOS too since it doesn't officially support vulkan at all and openGL is going away soon

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