you ever notice how like 50% of the earth's population is female? i don't have anything against women or anything, but it's just unrealistic to have so many of them

@lynnesbian why is it unrealistic? Why is it unrealistic to have so many females on earth?

@franokuski it's a joke about how gamers will say it's unrealistic to have women in games of pretty much any genre

@lynnesbian Oh, fair enough. I wish gamers would change their minds and embrace this so-called "unrealistic" thing because I definitely would love to see a good representation of females in games.


In the US at least, it's more than 50% ... they're the only minority that's actually the majority.

Especially wasteful when we treat them as 2nd class citizens.

@lynnesbian 50% of the population is women now but we're recruiting too

@flowerenby @lynnesbian Some people complain that it took you too long! Could have been there sooner with that recruiting.

@lynnesbian forced diversity? In MY earth? It's more likely than you'd think.


yeah, what next? They want jobs? eat? drive cars? What's that gonna do to the labour market, the environment and everything? We just plain cannot afford that many!

I mean of course we also need some of them, so to be fair I suggest we have a points-based system to permit the ones that are beneficial to the economy or sufficiently attractive to find someone to pay for their upkeep. And they'll need mandatory integration courses and to respect our culture!


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