the year is 2050. GTK is still preparing the move to version 4, and has collaborated with the FBI to assassinate anyone who mentions the filepicker thumbnail bug. qt stil has an open source version, but it requires you to have create an account with a valid email address and physical address, and limits applications to only containing one window.

microsoft is still "transitioning away from winforms" to the Multiversal Windows Platform, For Real You Guys, We're Doing It Platform. iOS desktop (formerly macOS) has deprecated all system widgets in favour of the cloud. google has created an artificial intelligence to randomly create and deprecate new GUI frameworks, rendering it essentially impossible for anybody but them to create android apps with "native GUIs".

the only usable framework is electron, but everybody hates it because bloat.

as people struggle to find a desktop ui framework that hasn't been bogged down into uselessness by licensing issues or lack of features, a saviour emerges from the heavens: java swing

@lynnesbian meanwhile Drew starts chopsui from scratch for the 10th time?

@lynnesbian it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

@lynnesbian I cannot tell you how much I hate this
and how much it rings true

@lynnesbian ... Oracle finally discontinued JavaFX after finishing the Blackberry OS port......

@lynnesbian For some reason I read 'java swing' with the same energy as 'burma shave' in my head.

@lynnesbian Oh come on, our savior in your hellscape is Tcl/Tk 😜


@lynnesbian Ak I mistook who the post was from when I first replied, if you saw the deleted one; sorry
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