how come we've all just accepted that you can't trade or give someone digital games unless you specifically buy them for that person

i think steam uses the analogy "you wouldn't give someone a gift you've already opened" and uh yes i would, is valve not aware of the term "second hand"

i don't want so many of my digital games anymore, why can't i give them to someone who does

the current argument is that you don't buy video game 64, you buy a license to use video game 64 privately for all eternity huge asterisk

okay but, why is that only true for digital and not physical, the only difference is that i don't have a piece of plastic to hold

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@lynnesbian bold of you to imply that we've all just accepted that

@00dani not literally everyone but a lot of people, i see people saying "i buy physical because you can't trade in digital" and very few people questioning why

@lynnesbian heckies

dangit, a lot of people! be gay do crimes!!

or at least like. question authority? i guess that counts as a crime these days tho

@lynnesbian the response to that would be "it isn't", as in when you buy a physical copy, you still only just have a license to use the game

which is a response that i hate even more somehow

@Frinkeldoodle remember when microsoft tried to argue that with the xbox one launch

@lynnesbian that entire sector of law is made up by people who don't want you to be able to give your game to someone else because they want more money. it's post-hoc-justified nonsense.

@lynnesbian Because they tried so hard to make it true for plastic, and partially succeeded but couldn't fully implement it, and were so relieved when software stopped being physically distributed

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