one of the ways that libreJS allows you to annotate your files with a license is by providing a magnet link to the license you want to use

however, it has to be one of the magnet links from a list that is hardcoded into libreJS

also the x11 license magnet link has zero peers, at least as far as i can tell for leaving it active for several hours

you're welcome to try loading it if you want to: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5305d91886084f776adcf57509a648432709a7c7&dn=x11.txt


i can only assume that they use magnet links because http links can go down but torrents are Truly Invincible

but if you're worried about the link going down (which it has) why not just provide a string like "X11" or the SPDX identifier or something, and then there isn't a link to go down in the first place

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