i've owned a switch for over two years and only just now did i learn that you can hold down the home button on the pro controller or joycon to wake it from sleep

this whole time i've been getting up to press the power button like a fool

I didn't know that either! :O
I wonder if it works on joycons...

@Freyaday i haven't tried it but apparently it does, but only on the right one since the left one doesn't have a home button

@skelltan it only stays on the lock screen for a few seconds before going back into sleep mode

@lynnesbian I still turn on my xbox by pressing a button on the unit itself.

@Deiru i'm sure you're aware but, you can hold down the xbox logo button on the controller for 2-3 seconds too

@lynnesbian It's just a reflex, I enter the room, press the button, grab my controller and plomp on the couch. And reverse for when I'm done. Like a ritual.

@lynnesbian i just kinda button mash until it wakes up which weirdly tends to work

@lynnesbian Yeah. Same. I don’t know how long it took me to find out vs. when I got it but I only figured out like 6 months ago. I’m betting there was a guide I was supposed to read or something but I don’t recall seeing one. 😰

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