i'm thinking of making the first service that i would actually charge people for

i would buy a domain (e.g. and then for maybe $1 or $2 per month, you could have and i would make a small website similar to, and it would come with maybe 100MB of storage, and you could have contact info and photos and info on things you've made and such

does that sound like a good idea at all? would you be interested in having something like that?

i guess you could also have a website that looks like but, you don't actually want that do you,, please say no,,,,,

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thinking about this more seriously i could even do a tiered thing, where $1/mo gets you three pages and 50MB and $2/mo gets you five pages and 100MB, or something like that

the storage space would be for anything you want, whether that's resources for the website or pictures of pangolins

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"anything you want" as long as it isn't like. nazi propaganda or stuff that's illegal in australia or whatever

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i would also need to choose a good domain

something like "" is short and memorable but specific to the fediverse, and also sounds like something relating to Official Fediverse Matters

whereas the one i was personally thinking of is an inside joke that only two other people would understand so, that's not great either

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if it includes lynne in the name it seems weird, like "welcome to john dot lynne dot online"

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i would be hosting the server in the US, because the latency from australia to Anywhere Else On Earth can be pretty bad

or maybe somewhere in europe would be better

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@lynnesbian "You are visitor number PHP Parse error!" is a vital part of any webpage


> if it includes lynne in the name it seems weird, like "welcome to john dot lynne dot online"

tarquin dot lynne dot Fin dot tim dot lin dot bin dot whin dot bim dot lim dot bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel (silly Party)

@lynnesbian i personally wouldnt be interested cause im a more in depth nerd but thats a fantastic idea for artists who want a portfolio! go for it!

@lynnesbian like, you'd make the website?

i honestly think there could be a good number of people that'd be interested in a deal like that, if it's something you'd be willing to go through the effort of doing

although it might also be worth offering to let people bring their own domains, or helping people purchase a domain through you or something that they could use instead of a subdomain

@lynnesbian like a business card / portfolio / resume hybrid?? I love that tbh

@texasred yeah! but you could also host your own images, like if you wanted to share a file with someone, you could put it on your site instead of like, google drive

@lynnesbian yes! This Is preferable. I would use a service like this.

@texasred oh shit really? that's awesome!! it's really cool to know people would actually want this and everything

@wilbr i had never heard about that, huh

i guess it's sorta similar yeah, but i'm aiming for something more personal, where i create the website and you can request custom pages

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