in switzerland you aren't allowed to have a train with exactly 256 axles because of an integer overflow in the axle counting machine

i wish i could fix my software bugs by making it illegal to cause them

the source everyone reports for this PDF is gone, and it's not exactly easy to find swiss train law documentation when you don't even speak german

but here's a current link:

page 123, section 4.8.4 "Zugbildung"

die züge können keine 256 achsen haben! wie lächerlich!

"gnädige frau, das ist ein mcdonalds."


@Nikolai_Kingsley is is entirely possible that my two months of duolingo courses i did two years ago, combined with google translate, is not enough to produce a german sentence that doesn't sound weird

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German is a good language. any language that has a single word that means "a face in search of a backhand" is a good language.


@Nikolai_Kingsley @lynnesbian it also forces you to binarily gender most nouns applied to a person (Backpfeifengesicht is an exception).

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