"a straw does not have a hole, because it is a hollow cylinder." a pitiful belief. one that is neither believed by its producer nor its consumers. a vacuous and flaccid statement that carries no more meaning than a bird shitting into your ice cream cone.

"wizards aren't even allowed to paint women." a bold statement. leaving no room nor reason for interpretation or ambiguity. the metaphorical lobster thermidor at the church potluck - bewildering; philosophically challenging; undeniably powerful. forget bringing something new to the table - this statement rejects the table.


we are trapped in the eternally unfinished dialectic:
thesis: a straw has two holes.
antithesis: a straw has one hole.
thesis: a straw has zero holes.

and so on - never reaching synthesis. it never can, never will, and importantly, never should.

"wizards aren't even allowed to paint women."

pisscotext rejects the dialectic and presents to us immediately a dialectic that has reached its end. there can be no more discussion. purest ideology.

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in summation:
how many holes does a straw have?
the answer is simple: wizards aren't even allowed to paint women.

@lynnesbian Disallowed to paint pictures of women, or to put paint onto women?

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