i swear to god it is IMPOSSIBLE to get an australian server that provides a decent amount of storage for less than US$60/mo

right now i'm paying US$40/mo for a quad core CPU, eight gigabytes of memory, and fucking 160GB of storage

umart is currently selling a 240GB SSD for AU$60. my phone's microSD card has more storage than my goddamn webserver and i am UPSET

pet decided to go with a hetzner server because it's cheaper and holy shit the delay over ssh and sftp is unbearable

vultr offers block storage BUT only if your server is in NY or NJ because it's "in beta"

you can't provide a service for four goddamn years and say it's still in beta you DUNCES

i get it. block storage is hard because you need to physically reserve that entire chunk of storage for the customer. i understand.

but surely, surely, if wasabi can give you a TERABYTE of object storage for six bucks a month, i should be able to get a little more room?? come ON just plug a fucking usb stick into it or something

at this point i'm so desperate that i'd gladly pay vultr $10/month for the privilege of plugging an external hard drive into the server

yes i know it's a virtual machine but you can do USB passthrough come on i don't care if it's a SCSI 5400RPM piece of shit just give me SOMETHING AAAAAAAAA

you know those american hoarding shows where people are like "hell no i'm not throwing out the cardboard box my toaster came in"

running a VPS is the exact opposite of that

"yeah i can host those files on S3, nobody will notice the latency"
"you seriously expect me to store a PNG when WEBP is around 30% more efficient? fuck outta here"
"wait, i'm storing HOW many megabytes of man pages? those have got to go"


you know those computers you get for $5 on sites like gumtree that are just listed as "HEWLETT PACKER COMPUTER - GOOD FOR EMAIL" that reek of cigarette smoke and make concerning grinding noises whenever you index the hard drive

how come THOSE pieces of shit can have more storage than a fucking VPS

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the ONLY reason that i, or like 90% of people, use a VPS instead of a home server is because: home internet isn't fast enough

if i lived in one of those countries where people post screenshots of their 200mbps upload and say "why is my internet so slow" there's no fucking way i'd be paying for this shit

server hosts are the fucking landlords of the internet

sure it'd be a much better experience if you bought a house or used your own machine as a server but you can't because the barrier to entry is absurdly high, so instead you get to pay someone to be the person who pays for the barrier of entry

@alexbuzzbee lots of ISPs give out dynamic IPs just to make it harder to self-host, which you can solve (afaik) with DYNDNS

@alexbuzzbee ah

i thing you can use [namecheap/godaddy/etc]'s DNS to point to your server's IP, and then also use CNAME and NS records to say "all other DNS requests come through dns.mywebsite.com"

i think, i don't know for sure

@alexbuzzbee i'm lucky because my ISP doesn't think that IPv6 is worth implementing ;)

@alexbuzzbee when we upgraded to the nbn, we got a "free" router with $10 shipping

i asked if i could simply not get the router and they told me no

its DNS settings are hardcoded to the ISP's DNS so it's useless

@alexbuzzbee the nbn is great, it's a legally enforced corporate monopoly (there is literally a law saying that nobody else is allowed to provide fiber) and the government is in debt to telstra until 2069 to pay it off

@LunaDragofelis @alexbuzzbee it's terrible, but it's so, so much better than the ADSL2+ i was on before it

@alexbuzzbee @lynnesbian I switched ISP's because Singtel's IPv6 support was terrible (6rd with a /64 prefix).

My new ISP gave me a static /48, the way it should be done.

Then, some time later, it stopped working and they told me it was because their new routers did not support having dynamic IPv4 with static IPv6, and therefore they would disable IPv6 until they could get it to work. I complained and they gave me a static IPc4 as well and some manual settings to use.

I'm still using these settings, and as far as I can tell new customers are still not getting IPv6.

@lynnesbian @alexbuzzbee I don't understand why ISPs don't like people self hosting things. Do they offer any "premium" plan that includes a static IP, or do they just like to be pointless jerks?

@LunaDragofelis @lynnesbian @alexbuzzbee in many cases you can buy a static IP for 1-3€/month.

Or just setup dynamic DNS, and if your IP changes, you'll at worst have a couple minutes of downtime.

@lynnesbian Its not just Oz, getting a VPS with respectable disk space costs a fortune for some reason. Its probably a little cheaper in north america, but disk space in the context of a VPS is a premium for some reason. I pay a small fortune for this server, and all my other stuff is self-hosted even though my net isn't really good enough to justify it. Its annoying.

@lynnesbian I have fast Internet here but I know it would be insecure and my mother wouldn't be very happy about buying Raspberry Pis and keeping them on all day lmao

@xerz raspberry pis draw like 3w of power, it's incredible

i'd imagine she's more worried about the bandwidth than the electricity though :p

@lynnesbian nah, she just doesn't want gadgets around, "you already have computers" and stuff, and also afraid of something burning out or some groundless fears

@lynnesbian I was going to post a screenshot of my internet connection speed, asking why it's so slow.

Then I tested, and noted that it actually is much shower than it should be. It's a router problem, I think, as it usually comes back after a reboot.

@lynnesbian you probably still would because the shit bastards will disable your ability to actually use the upstream in any meaningful way. I remember one time I opened a port to enable remote login (I think it was just ssh, it was nearly 20 years ago so I can't remember specifically) and my provider just turned off our internet until we called on the phone to troubleshoot and they informed us it was against ToS

@a_breakin_glass @LunaDragofelis @lynnesbian Comcast iirc (the account belonged to my roommate but I'm pretty sure that was our monopoly, I mean local provider, at the time)

@a_breakin_glass @LunaDragofelis @lynnesbian OK I remember a bit more now, I made a folder remote accessible. It was basically to use as a free Dropbox before that existed and it required a password so it wasn't like I was running a FRee Mp3Z site or anything

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