you know those sites that you sign up for because they refuse to give you any detailed information about their services

and then when you go to delete your account you find that you have to contact support with a custom inquiry

don't you love that


two sentence horror story 

Q: how can i delete my account?
A: here's our phone number:

re: two sentence horror story 

@lynnesbian idea for a cancela service company.

You file a cancellation form with the details and they make the call and take care of it for you.

two sentence horror story 

@lynnesbian classic dark pattern, it's sad that it's fucking real. some time ago i started to use a password manager, and tried to close old accounts and such... in some cases i couldn't do it, admins @ website dot com didn't bother to reply to my "pls delete my account" emails, and no option to call anyone. just stare at the void and pray to meteors for crashing and burning those servers
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