i swear there's a globally coordinated conspiracy between all VPS providers to offer a $40 plan that doesn't have enough space, and the next upgrade is $80

linode, digital ocean, vultr, why is this so common, what's wrong with the $60 price point, is it the web hosting equivalent of The Scottish Play or something

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according to this calculator:

linode's $40/mo tier costs $540/mo with AWS, and over $600/mo with GCP

where in the fuck are they getting these numbers from

i tried to match the VPS tier that linode offers, this is the closest i could get

this one has nearly double the RAM of the linode one, as well as much more storage

and it's US$155/mo, which is, i would say, considerably far off from $600/mo

@lynnesbian I've been using OVH/Kimsufi for cheap servers. They often have more storage than linode for a cheaper price. I have a more powerful machine in my house, of course, but the poor bandwidth infrastructure (also very true in the US) is definitely a problem.

@wilkie @lynnesbian Only 100 Mbit/s of bandwidth can be an issue, especially if you expect Linode level bandwidth.

@lynnesbian I think they like to get paid $80 instead of $60

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