i just found out about sex dot com

this has to be the most expensive fucking domain to ever exist, it's been reported to generate up to $500k per month in ad clicks, it was once sold for $13 MILLION dollars, and it was once stolen by a guy impersonating the real owner, who was eventually ordered to pay $65 million in losses and damages

there must be millions of horny teenagers just typing "" into their browser every day or something, what the fuck

@lynnesbian i remember this story
its a fun one

the guy who stole it still sends passive aggressive shit to the owner

@lynnesbian like actually if i remember right they have daily harassment calls

"hello, you're speaking to the proud owner of sex dot com, how can i--"

"listen here you piece of shit. give me sex dot com NOW or i'll fucking KILL YOU. you don't understand the power you have"

every single day forever

@lynnesbian thats pretty much it

and its been going on for years

guy had to go into hiding after the lawsuit and is still out there somewhere but still takes the time to call the owner to be all mad about it

altho i think i remember mention of the calls getting less aggressive over time but it still happens

@lynnesbian i think hes more upset about being forced into hiding after being found out his shit loads of money came from fraud


*immediately browses to*

huh redirects to some mattress company.

@lynnesbian "" seems like something you'd see a character in a sitcom type instead of a real place someone would go to looking for pornography


@BestGirlGrace @lynnesbian honestly, some of the domains you see on here are, like, too good to be real

@lynnesbian ah the heady days of three letter .coms, I can't remember if I ever typed in but I definitely checked a lot of three letter words when I first heard they were starting to run out

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