i don't expect this to be done anytime soon, because my scanner is slow as shit and i don't have the patience to do all 60 pages in one go, but i'm currently scanning in the operator manual for the panasonic JR-200U personal computer, since i can't find it online :blobbun:

i'm following the archive.org guide to the best of my ability, and the end result will be a 600DPI scan. i'm impressed at how good this looks for such a cheap printer!

full resolution here: cloud.lynnesbian.space/s/f9tYe

pet and i got aaaall of these games (and some replacement 3ds styluses) for less than $60 total

meanwhile brand new games cost $80+ from the same store :blobbun:

it looks like the way i did it with OCRbot relies on public API accessibility being enabled on the server, which it is by default, but with all the fedi archiving drama going on, lots of people are switching that off, which is good for privacy but bad for bots like this one

there's no way around this besides manually requesting API keys from every instance in existence

and yes i know the code is gross but if there was a better way to do this than regex hacks i would be using it

sometimes my internet shits out halfway through loading a webpage and i get a glimpse into an alternate reality without CSS

wikipedia actually looks kinda cool without CSS, to the point where (with some modifications) this would make a good theme for it

all the progress bars on my router's web UI are just textboxes that fill with pipe characters

update: i finally fixed the issue! check the image for a walkthrough.


for anyone who needs a clear and concise explanation of why assassinating one of the most powerful leaders of a nation equipped with nuclear weaponry was a bad idea

good news: 7mate HD exists so now you can watch the big bash in glorious 1080i instead of 576p
bad news: the channel doesn't actually exist until jan 16

so uh

i bought ridge racer 7 on ebay and it's apparently the chinese version (the game is entirely in english with optional japanese subtitles, but the manual and box are in chinese)

and the taiwan flag is missing,,

i can't really find any info on this online so uh, if anyone owns a non-chinese version of RR7 could you maybe do a quick check to see if the taiwan flag is in it :blobcatgoogly:

this is auckland, new zealand. the sky is orange from the smoke from australia. new zealand is more than 2,000km away from australia's east coast.

the air quality in canberra (australia's capital) is currently the worst of any city in the world. all australia post deliveries to and from canberra have been suspended. hospital equipment such as MRI machines have had to be shut down to avoid damage. an elderly woman arriving in canberra airport from brisbane (where the fires aren't nearly as bad) died in the airport before ambulances could arrive due to respiratory issues.

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