you're laughing. one of my mutuals uses a twitter crossposter and you're laughing.

its also pretty funny how they say they need to adapt to new technologies and then two paragraphs later mention that you can use windows 7 to keep playing

funny in a depressing and infuriating sort of way

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i also found a few files that contain links to EA's internal documentation

so if anyone has access to the EA intranet as it appeared circa 2009 please check out ears-wiki/ctg/_docs/depot/UTF/ and see what it says

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also of note: in the directory that contains all of the game's essential files and configuration, there is a folder called "Jazz"

it contains but one lone file: JazzData.package

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the sims 3 comes with a list of every single graphics card that the developers were aware of and specifies whether or not they're supported

and i've got bad news for all you nvidia TNT users out there

has the australian government ever provided anything more useful than the official ACB ratings generator? i think not

i just got a bunch of emails from about the dozens of old ebooks bots i hosted

the chat feature is now live!!

if you wanna talk to your fedibooks bot, just go to and click the speech bubble icon next to the bot you want to talk to!

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if the server goes down while you're talking to your bot it will reply with these blank messages

kinda creepy actually,

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now that you can talk to your ebooks bots, things like google assistant and siri are obsolete

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i found out that someone has scanned the manual for the JR100-U and wow their scan is a lot cleaner than mine

i did the best i could with the scanner i have and the tattered manual though

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i've finished scanning the manual and i'm uploading it to!

it's not gonna be done anytime soon because australian internet but yeah

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