libreJS has a dedicated "complain to site owner" button

you couldn't get any more stallmanic if you tried

this is the smartphone the FSF recommends. this isn't a joke or an edited screenshot.

what does this page tell you?

- there is an endpoint called auth/accept
- it requires authentication
- it returns a string

what is the string? what format can you expect? what are you accepting? what the hell is going on? who knows

the mastodon documentation page is way too complex, links for seperate languages, getting started links, a video... ugh. i've redesigned it to be more like good old misskey. my redesign is on the right, because it's the right way to do it ;)

Misskey is a mini blog SNS.

(this is the homepage of the documentation. in better english, it would read something like "Misskey is a microblogging service.")

this is it, the only method of browsing misskey api docs. not pages of related info, not categories and subcategories. one giant list of every single endpoint, except the ones that aren't documented in english, and also the ones that *are* documented are either written in broken english, japanese, or there's just nothing there. this is Doom II: Hell on Earth

i haven't worked on fedibooks for a while, i kinda got addicted to factorio again :derpyupsidedown:

but i'm working on it a bit now, and oauth stuff is coming along nicely :blobcatuwu:

fuck yes!! my university credentials have been automatically and irrevocably shared through no action nor choice of my own with adobe, the target of a breach that obtained a 3.8GiB file of password and credit card details in 2014, having their source code stolen in 2013, and making flash the most insecure and shitty part of any web browser! now i have unlimited access to proprietary adobe shitware to create a branded experience for my clients, of which i have none, with a program that doesn't work on my operating system!!! WOOO

why on earth would you enter a thread just to say that you don't know what the thread is about

hmm... Firefox Browser fast &
private is fast and private, but Google Chrome: Fast &
Secure is fast and secure... it's hard to choose

what the hell is "firefox"? are you talking about
:firefox: Firefox Browser fast &
:blank: private?

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