did you know: i am a variety of the dutch (aka hollander) rabbit, as you can see my the similar fur pattern

the main difference is that mine is brown instead of black, the tips of the ears, and the whole humanoid bit

this is a mischievous chicken that escaped the enclosure

it's just standing there like


did you know: i have seen a goat in real life

i have also fed a cow in real life

you can do a lot of things in real life

i tried to get photos of these cool pigeons but the horses kept getting in the way

eye contacc 

how hard can it be to set the application name in your config file

now i have to find out what My SDL application is, or find some way to get the systemd power thing to list the process name

i found the post but it looks like deadinsi.de deleted the emojis so it doesn't show up as the wide text

also they use the witches theme now? ick

excuse me, yes, i would like to speak to mister putin. i have nearly one thousand social networking posts to sell, and only some of them are people telling me to fuck off

this is the worst claim they make. "11x9s data durability". who the fuck uses the "x many nines" system to refer to anything other than uptime

for those unaware, it's a weird way of writing percentages. 3x9s means 99.9% because there are three nines, so 11x9s is very impressive until you realise they're referring to data durability instead of uptime. 11x9s uptime means that the service is up 99.9999...% of the time, 11x9s data durability means they will keep your data 99.9999...% of the time

in other words there's a tiny chance your data might get lost

this one doesn't even need to be copypasta edited from the original it just stands on its own

Fuck cars. Whats the point when everyone is a bitchy baby who slams on the brakes all the time.

Your taking the mobile out of automobile.

The whole point is for people to be forced to constantly accelerate.

did you know: the dwarf hotot breed is known for its black "eyeliner" fur pattern

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