have i mentioned that the thing is fucking enormous because holy SHIT

it may have taken fifteen minutes but one of sixteen clips has successfully uploaded

say hello to 9-12-2019_5-27-39_PM-rbimlzuv.mp4 babey

i got a notification saying it was done already which is cool but turns out it's actually not at all and i'm getting "upload complete" notifications every few minutes but nothing's showing up here so thanks my crow soft

i'm subscribed to a youtube channel that doesn't have the best grasp on english but they try their best and that's what matters

were more than halfway through december sixth

wheres the video games

put timezones on your webpage you fools

apparently when you open enough tabs in android firefox the tab counter turns into an infinity sign

so i guess you can count to infinity :blobcatgoogly:

why does this guy make his thumbnails like this

it looks like it's a title with a subtitle but it's actually a whole phrase but i can't help but read it as

of not playing his game over bad review scores

its nice how you can root android and have some level of control over what your phone's doing but then you realise that about a tenth of the apps you want to use including your toothbrush app decided that rooted decides are a security concern and doesn't allow you to do whatever a toothbrush app does

someone just randomly added me on keybase and sent this

am i about to partake in the greatest ARG of all time

discord has gone too far this time. i REFUSE to use software with swear words in it

so uh if you think 2019 lynne makes bad programs

this was 2015 lynne's assignment for IPT

i love looking at my windows programs i made years ago because you never know what you're gonna get when you double click that accursed exe

every god damn time i open my w7 VM

at least microsoft is gonna stop updating it now

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