re: Lynne Teaches Tech: Package Managers, the Precursor to the App Store (long, opinionated, serious) 

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Lynne Teaches Tech: How does HTTPS keep you safe online? 

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Lynne Teaches Tech: What are protocols and formats? How do they come to be? (long, serious) 

Lynne Teaches Tech – What is the Linux kernel? (long, serious) 

want to submit your own #LynneTeachesTech question(s)? there's now a simple little survey form for doing just that!

bear in mind that LTT questions should be more like "how does thing work" or "why does thing do X" and not "why does microsoft do this" or "how do i change the wallpaper on android".

here's the survey:

feel free to submit multiple questions! :blobbun_happy:

Lynne Teaches Tech: Does “dark mode” really save battery life? (long, serious) 

Lynne Teaches Tech: Why does Windows need to restart to install updates so often? (longish, serious) 

Lynne Teaches Tech: What are all the different types and versions of USB about? (long, serious) 

i'll be posting future posts on, but i'll still crosspost them here. be aware that the versions copied here will lose some formatting, such as hyperlinks and in-text images.

Lynne Teaches Tech: Why did everyone’s Firefox add-ons get disabled around May 4th? 

i now have a blog!

i'll be posting future posts there, as well as things like reviews and updates on personal projects. i'll also set up an RSS posting bot so that any posts i make from there end up here in some form. :blobbun:

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why does windows install to C:\ by default? why not A:\? and why use letters at all? (medium-long, serious) 

also if you're wondering why so many files use three letter extensions, like how JPEGs are often .JPG: it's because of MS-DOS. DOS allowed for filenames with a maximum length of 8.3 - that is, eight letters with a three letter extension. so FILENAME.JPG is okay, but FILE_NAME.JPEG is too long on both accounts. everyone just kinda agreed that 3 is a good number for file extensions and here we are still using it for pretty much everything even though it hasn't been required for decades

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why does text on a webpage stay sharp when you zoom in, even though images get blurry? (long, serious) 

what's keybase? why are so many people talking about it right now? what's with all those "it is proven!" posts? (long, serious) 

what's an integer overflow, or underflow? what happens when a computer runs out of room to count with? why do games like the original pac-man and dig dug break on level 256? (long, serious) 

what do all the parts of a URL or hyperlink mean? why do some sites start with www, but not others? why do some URLs end with a question mark and a bunch of weird stuff? (long, serious) 

why are there so few web browsers? why do some browsers display websites differently to others? why are some browsers, like opera and vivaldi, just based on chrome instead of being their own thing? (long, serious) 

what does "defrag" mean? why do you have to defrag old PCs? did it even do anything? (long, serious) 

how does compression work? why does a compressed JPEG look different, but a JPEG in a compressed zip file looks the same? (long, serious) 

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