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@lynnesbian Set it in that one Latex template for Full Academic Credibility

when i saw this i broke down crying because it just hit me that university has been a waste of years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars

"but lynne youll be marked down for such an obvious oversight"

the example assignment claimed that a raspberry pi 3 had a powered gigabit ethernet port, which it does not

also it opened with the sentence "In recent years, technology is reached to a higher level where people spend most of their time to interact with it" which makes me think that the bar is set pretty low for this assignment

my assignment says that i'll be connecting a camera to an arduino uno via powered gigabit ethernet despite the arduino's ethernet shield port being unpowered and 100mbit but shhhhh c;

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now for widened margins, 13pt font, double spacing, 1.5em line height

i even put it in cambria, the font that MS word automatically switches to if you're writing mathematical stuff, despite not using word or writing maths

this will increase the subconscious intelligence of my writing even further

left: written by an absolute child, tiny brained scum with no grasp of the godly power of Internet of Things
right: penned by a genius, caliper-bending mastermind with knowledge of all Things that Internet

gonna put my shitty essay in serif font so it looks like i know what im talking about

get this upbeat synthwave out of my depression playlist

@00dani idk i just feel like things like dvorak or vim that have a super high learning curve for a comparitively minor benefit aren't worth my time

nothing against people who have already invested the time to learn them but i dont wanna do it myself

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