@Absolutely_Blakely i mean if at least one person uses it it's worth improving right

i'll see if i can find a better dictionary for it too, and i'll fix the bug where it cuts off some definitions too early

@Absolutely_Blakely that should be possible, yeah

i wasn't aware anyone actually liked piratebot :blobcatgoogly:

@rghvdberg yeah, that's the program i used

i found the artifact removal did more harm than good though and was difficult to configure, and since it took 45 seconds to re-scan every time i messed with settings i gave up on it

@djsumdog they're not all that interesting really, they're just one of many, many microcomputers from the early 80's

i found out that someone has scanned the manual for the JR100-U and wow their scan is a lot cleaner than mine

i did the best i could with the scanner i have and the tattered manual though

@sophistoche we're getting nbn next month, let's hope it's not shit

well if it is we can just switch to an alternative fiber provider right ha ha ha ha ha

@sophistoche the best part is how our ADSL2+ uploads at 150kB/s max and also the download speed goes to shit while you're uploading any faster than 50kB/s

i've finished scanning the manual and i'm uploading it to archive.org!

it's not gonna be done anytime soon because australian internet but yeah

all im saying is for a game called super smash brothers there is a distinct lack of brothers. we need the wright brothers, the marx brothers, hulk hogan (everybody's brother),

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