I dreamed that @lynnesbian and I went to a bar together. When we walked in a woman at a table looked at us and then whispered, just load enough, to her friend "lesbians".

@Feufochmar ah whoops

i initially put 800x600 and then thought that the 600 was the width and "fixed" it

thanks :p

@skelltan it only stays on the lock screen for a few seconds before going back into sleep mode

@Deiru i'm sure you're aware but, you can hold down the xbox logo button on the controller for 2-3 seconds too

@Freyaday i haven't tried it but apparently it does, but only on the right one since the left one doesn't have a home button

i've owned a switch for over two years and only just now did i learn that you can hold down the home button on the pro controller or joycon to wake it from sleep

this whole time i've been getting up to press the power button like a fool

@robotcarsley the whole site (not just the retro part) is done with jekyll, which is a static website generator, meaning that you can't have any dynamic server side stuff going on

then again i could make a little python component just for that :face_think_thonking:

@tempo the site i had before my actual current site was just three links and a "WORK IN PROGRESS" h1 tag and it stayed that way for almost a year

it was a different time

(before you mention the "PHP parse error": it's intentional, lynnesbian.space doesn't even use PHP)

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you could criticise the way i design websites as all having a very samey lightweight, flat, clinical, modern look to them

well NOT ANYMORE! lynnesbian.space/retro.html

@marie_joseph they're not very good to be honest, most of them are reflex based "press the button when it's in the right spot" games

i've updated my site to work better on mobile devices!

it's not perfect, but it's mine


@00dani resident services is now closing for a day, and the museum technically closed for two days (one where blathers just refuses donations for no reason, then the next day where it's being built)

i swear if new horizons tells me "this essential service will be closed for the entirety of tomorrow" one more time

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