the bad news is that i have an exam today

the good news is that mario maker 2 comes out in 8 days :blobcatsurprised:

*kicks down your door* you're a squid now ur a wonderful gay :blobcat:​

hot Australian wife, hot Australian life. wait- fuck....

SpongeBob: ♪Who?, Who?, Who?, Who? Who... am I? What's going on here? How did you do?

I've taken breaks from fedi before but never for longer than a few days. i decided not to make a post about it because i didn't know if it was gonna be really short or whatever and didn't want to make a post about having a break only to return tomorrow like i have in the past :blobcatderpy:

*sees a moderately funny toot*
*sees it's from a bot*

i love using torrents to download public domain works and linux installation images

@micrackbiron introducing liberals to Hegel to see the EXPLOSION of goodness

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