i wanna write a song in 5/4 as a fun challenge but it'd be annoying to work with it in LSDJ

if the most mature person you know is a woman who spent twenty dollars on a rabbit had with pumps that wiggle the ears then either you suck at finding mature people or the world is in a very bad place

i've had several people tell me they're one of the most mature people they know

that scares me

my fediversary is in two days

hopefully i'll be feeling more optimistic by then

-, subtoot i guess 

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-, subtoot i guess 

notch is a man who believes gravity only applies to sand and gravel

you want me to keep my voice down? what's next, we kill all dogs?


outrage in the pokemon community as a leak reveals that pokemon sword and shield use a modified version of the fruit ninja engine

lucy: okay after talking to you a lot i think this is the only political ideology that matches you
me: ah finally a label to identify with
wikipedia: one of the base tenets of this ideology is something you passionately disagree with
me: awesome

who the fuck decided space should scroll down the page

there's already page down

also backspace going back is a terrible idea, i don't know how many times i've tried to backspace some text only for the browser to navigate back

the best UIs are the ones where clicking something makes it get bigger, which causes the line to wrap, and the thing you clicked on moves to the next line and pushes the rest of the page down a level

mastodon is going to fail as a project because of the way the show more/show less button changes size when you click on it

@faho i don't usually respond because i don't know what to say,

how hard can it be to set the application name in your config file

now i have to find out what My SDL application is, or find some way to get the systemd power thing to list the process name

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