wikipedia: maybe could we have five dollars to provide our free service
redditors: fuck off lmao
some guy on reddit: christianity? more like shitstianity
redditors: i am going to pay reddit five dollars to put a gold star on this post

$ cd ripgrep/benchsuite
# WARNING! This downloads several GB of data, and builds the Linux kernel.

super mario sunshine's (2002) release date is closer to super mario bros (1985) than today

@lynnesbian I'm imagining a sorta Charlie's Angles aesthetic with a polycule of hacktivist girls who spend a lot of time snuggling in between assignments.

The house they live in should be like, really cool, with like, some rooms that are just beds (for snuggling) and some rooms with comically large display screens / other silly gadgets (for hacking and/or video games)

Monkeys are a lot like people when you really think about it. Just smaller, hairier and a lot worse

where are the movies about autistic polyamorous transbian programmers

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