gamer shitpost, "the sjws have ruined gaming" 

I have once again made a complete fool of myself on a public bug tracker

jb is selling xbox one controllers modelled after the OG xbox controller

not the revised model, the original "duke" model


@flussence the puzzle doesn't really make sense that way since it revolves around the idea that you're pressing two pages together, one on each screen, but i had to use a walkthrough anyway so :acnl_shrug:

wait a minute

there's a puzzle in mario & luigi partners in time where you have to close your DS and open it again

how did that work for 2ds users,

Amazon Worker Gerald 📦 on twitter: Personally, I'm glad we can't unionise. All that time spent in boring meetings and paying fees could be used on my new video game system!

i'm slime girl and whoa that sounds adorable!! :blobuwu:

i bought a bunch of discounted games for our new xbone and i thought the discs were slightly smaller than regular blu-rays but it turns out it's just been ages since i last used a blu-ray

tired: big spoon/little spoon
wired: tablespoon/teaspoon

@roxxers a lot of things online assume that the US is the only country

people are guilty of this too, i cant tell you how many times i've seen people saying stuff like "EVERYBODY NEEDS TO DO THIS" and it's some thing that only applies to US citizens

were more than halfway through december sixth

wheres the video games

put timezones on your webpage you fools

(it's been nearly six years and there hasn't been a next game)

nintendo: here is tomodachi life, a fun little life simulation game for everyone. you can't be gay
gay people: hey um could you maybe let us be gay
nintendo: sure thing, you can be gay in the next game in the series ;)

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