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*takes a drag from an ethernet port*

Yeah, I've been online for years now. I still don't know what a computer is, if anything.

@CornishRepublicanArmy @aCuteLittleBox @lynnesbian im so glad she did. we fell in love in like, 24 hours and we were both talking to lynne like "holy fuck she's so cute i love her what do i do"

and lynne's just like :blobcatsmug::blobcatsmug::blobcatsmug::blobcatsmug:

@lynnesbian me, the apple table cops, entering the third party reseller

"'ey that's a uh... nice table u got over here"

me, kicking over table, but not before removing any Apple products and letting everything else fall to the floor

@lynnesbian @aCuteLittleBox @Petra_fied uh oh.... that's Lynne's "I'm gonna try to set Lucy up here" smirk, I know it well

@lynnesbian one day, me, you, Ms Bun Bun, and meadow are gonna have a quadruple-bune cuddle puddle and it's gonna be great :blobbun_heyes:

okay i found the image i was looking for, no more self boosts for now

imagining apple sending people in to a store to remove the rule-violating usage of cylindrical white tables

:win_warn: Your connection is not secure

This root's certificate is invalid and cannot be trusted. A hacker could have modified this toot in transit to obtain access to your private information.

me: okay i think i've finally worked out all the different standards and varieties of USB

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