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you earned ten Lynne Bucks! they are worthless as is everything in this fleeting bout of torment we call life

pet has fatigue so she falls asleep early, and i have depression so i don't feed myself

the end result is, i wana cronmch

here's a song i'm currently working on for polyquest! 0u0

it's a boss fight type of song, the kind you'd hear against whatever the elite four replacement is gonna be ;3

omg im such a dummy,,,

i uploaded an audio file three times wondering why i was silent

and then i realised i had muted the tab

my brain:
my brain: would you like to hear the spongebob theme song
me: n

"themes" is the silliest classification category

for example, a movie that heavily deals with e.g. depression gets rated M, which makes sense, and the description is "adult themes"

like... there's a lot of adult themes. arguably, all of the other categories (such as drugs, nudity, violence) also fall under adult themes. it's nice that they at least have a category though, because a movie like ISABD doesn't really have any objectionable content like sex and swearing or whatever, it's just really fucking heavy, which gets it the M rating

according to the ACB, it's such a beautiful day contains mild nudity

i don't remember any nudity in that movie,

the funniest rating i've ever seen on a movie was "strong bloody violence"

mate... are you sure you wanna watch this one? it's got some strong bloody violence

apparently the program is "copyright 2011 attorney general's department"

if you've ever wanted to make your own australian media classifications the government provides a program to do it for some reason

media classifications are the shitty version of content warnings

The following toot is classified M. It contains coarse language and sexual references. Channel Seven recommends the use of the parental lock system. 

Since Android 7.0 Nougat, Google disabled the ability for apps to record your internal audio, which means there’s no base level method to record the sounds from your apps and games as you record the screen.

ah, good,

current tech problem: i need to record audio from my phone. i can't find a plug<->plug 3.5mm cable, and none of my computers have working bluetooth (two don't have it at all, one has a physically broken bluetooth card), so that won't work either. the audio comes from LSDJ. my options are

a) export the LSDJ save, load it on a computer, record from there
b) stream audio over wifi
c) find out if android can record system audio
d) hold the phone up to a microphone and play the audio :blobcatdab:

now to investigate option c :bunthinking:

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