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okay now i have to find out why the db is saying "lock wait timeout exceeded"

is it because i'm not allowed to have multiple DB connections at once,

i hope not,,,,

the annoying thing about trying to get a cron job to work is waiting for it to fire

we have the first working fedibooks bot!!!

say hello, @lynne_no

it's an old account i never used so i repurposed it

hmm well i get an error but it still works so i'll take it i guess :blobcatgooglyshrug:

i had no idea yesterday but when i woke up i was like "...wait a minute... OH"

well, you know what they say: your free subscription to the relatable cliche service has expired


i already have to stand around in one spot and tell every new person arriving in town "oh, ho! welcome to Portland. go see THE MAYOR. he's been waiting for you!"

@lynnesbian I hear hell is looking for an architect, I think you should apply

imagine if real life had background music and you're just stuck listening to your city's theme music on an endless loop every day

while it may appear 3D, the universe is really presented in 2.5D, using some neat perspective tricks to conince players that they're seeing the full three dimensions. of course, there are limitations - if you look at parallel lines like train tracks extending into the distance, they appear to converge into a single point, rather than continuing forever as they should

to make a lasting impression, use slightly different wording for cliche phrases

"let's not open that canister of worms"
"it's a dog consume dog world"
"the lesser of two bad things"

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