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i will PROTECC my birb from meaniepoo forces

:blank: :bune_full_1:
:lulubirb: :bune_full_2: :mc_diamond_pickaxe:
:blank: :bune_full_3:

you mess with my leftcom, i go DEFCON :bunangry:

pet has decided that she wants to try learning C with me

i hope it goes well :blobbun_mlem:

@lynnesbian me waking up from a nap on the beach to find I've been buried up to my neck

forging a situation where i can cuddle girls all day and smooch them too

*kicks down your door* ur a kid ur a squid now ur a Friend

i just realised that the only three languages i have used for lewd purposes are bash, PHP, and vb.NET


every now and then i like to bring up the fact that i wrote over 250k words of homestuck fanfiction in a single document

i wonder if i could commission this kind of stuff :face_think_thonking:

obviously with more effort put into it

i like the idea of me being the nice bot person but i also think it's really funny to act like they're all sentient and want me dead

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