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bugs, oh god oh fuck 

@lynnesbian I'm hoping "big spray" is a typo or idwk

bugs, oh god oh fuck 

pet got it with big spray and it is probably dying but i cant look

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bugs, oh god oh fuck 

its in the fucking water oh god how can it breathe

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why must petra insist on not killing any of the awful bugs that get inside ;-;

it makes it so much harder to get rid of them

i think of all the types of games you could try to convince someone to play, MMOs are the worst because they are designed to psychologically trap you and get you to make microtransactions and consume every waking hour of your life while trying to get your friends to join you so you can have "fun" together

:thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine: :thinking_aubergine:

bannette is a possessed doll. if you breed a bannette with a ditto and create a baby bannette, no doll is involved in the process. where does it come from? does the universe intervene and remove a girl's free will so that she is forced to abandon her doll in the daycare for the parents to spawn a bannette in?

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the holy trinity of cursed universes: cars, toy story, pokemon

all of them hold up really poorly when you start applying the slightest bit of analysis

who built the cars, do they grow larger as they get older, does being "born" (?) as a tow truck mean you're inherently worse than a race car, what happens when they run out of fuel

what makes a toy a toy, are lego bricks eusocial like ants or are they a hivemind, if mr potato head can possess a tortilla like in 3 can he possess a human or another toy or a planet, how has nobody noticed the toys moving when CCTV exists in 3 and is used in the daycare

why can't the god who created the world escape a pokéball, where do ghost pokémon come from when two pokémon breed, how has nobody abused palkia or kyogre or any of the similar legendaries it multiple pokémon worlds exist (confirmed by GTS and link trading and such), why does the leader of the mafia still abide by the rules of six pokémon, turn based, etc

@lynnesbian because its all he can afford cos mr krabs is a tyrant capitalist who has a monopoly on all the normal meat

what if it was only possible to die on your birthday at the exact time you were born and there was no way to tell which one it was gonna be

one second every year is your only window to die and you're safe for the remaining 364.99999 days

why doesnt plankton just not sell food made out of chum like what the hell

i'm not exactly the best cool but i know it's bad for business to grind people into red slurry and sell it as food

after all the traffic ive given discord the least they could do is give me nitro

we will not stop until every letter in the alphabet stands for something queer and LGBT+ can be replaced with ABCDEFGH...

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