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there are three ways to buy the persona 5 soundtrack on australia:
- amazon, where it is over $70
- ebay, where it is over $60
- itunes, where it is $30 but it's itunes

okay i found a few silly issues (this is my laptop, not a server with multiple terabytes of storage):

- my ROMs folder was synced to my laptop, including several gigabytes of 3DS and GameCube ISOs
- i have a backup of my PSP's 32GB memory card just... sitting around
- there are several windows ISOs on here
- i uninstalled vivaldi months ago and it left 4GB of cache behind
- why did i think it was a good idea to put cities skylines on this thing

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that's weird, the file failed to extract, maybe it was corrupt?

[notices that i have 0 bytes of storage remaining]


millions of people had half a second of the latest blockbuster movie torrent overwritten by a sped up clip of bill clinton saying "i did not have sexual relations with that woman" in what people are calling the Great Hash Collision of 2024

im making a new instance exclusively for people who have had their jokes make it to reddit without any source

there is no such thing as free will, there are no volcels, only incels and insexers

a bot that scans posts for "can someone send me the link" or "can someone link me to" and replies with images of link from LoZ

me: okay windows 10 home, i just want to completely disable "telemetry" and sending data to microsoft
windows 10 home: :blobcat:
me: okay windows 10 pro, i just want to compl
windows 10 pro: :blobcat:
me: okay windows 10 enterprise, i j
windows 10 enterprise: :blobcat:

me: okay tech industry, i just want a good mobile operating system
android: :blobcat:
iOS: :blobcat:
every other mobile operating system: ⚰️

me: okay python, i just want to indent using tabs
pep-8: :blobcat:

me: okay media transfer protocol, i just want to access more than one file at once
MTP: :blobcat:

nurse: sir you are about to be in a coma
patient: now that i have knowledge of what is to come, i can change my course through time and alter the events of the future
nurse: the time loop cannot be broken. free will is a lie. observing the future seals your current path towards it
patient: *is in a coma*

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nurse: sir you've been in a coma for three days or so
patient: oh boy i can't wait to use the latest version of the linux kernel in the arch repositories, which is 4.20 (weed number)

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