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marvel just introduced their first non-binary superheroes and they're called snowflake and safespace


hey friends. just checking in to Hating America.

fedibooks should now be better at getting your posts, and when it can't get your posts (probably secure fetch) it skips to the next account immediately instead of trying to parse the error page before giving up

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like i get that it's perfectly valid html to say <a>hi</a> even if it's kinda weird, but why would that ever appear in the automatically generated mastodon/pleroma/etc post output

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anyway i just made a bunch of fixes to fedibooks, some obvious (i forgot to set a http timeout on a few requests), others not so obvious (graceful error handling when a post fails to insert into the db), and some truly bizarre (apparently the sanitised html post output can sometimes contain anchor tags with no hrefs???)

also the fedibooks database is 157 megabytes, which doesn't sound like much, but it's literally just text and nothing else (no pictures, videos, etc)

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there are 133 accounts on, with 85 bots learning from 122 users

and there are 650,401 posts in its database

thats a whole lot

fediverse dev help request 

i started having an issue with the ethernet on my computer after a kernel update and thought i'd have to install the proprietary drivers, turns out i already had them installed and uninstalling them fixed the issue :blobcatrainbow:

no matter how bad you think your language of choice handles comments, it'll never be as bad as liquid

{%comment%} this is a comment {%endcomment%}

its always sad when someones ebooks bot mentions someone who left fedi ages ago but talks about them like theyre still there

@microsoft release the kernel versions that you supposedly skipped for marketing reasons

"if you're a communist how come you accept donations for your work"

ah yes, receiving compensation for labour, that thing communists famously hate,

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