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there are only six kinds of names in tech:
a) normal phrase with superlative
b) "what if we called it wi-fi... because it's like sci-fi"
c) "what if we called it compact disc... because the disc is compact"
d) a cool word, not necessarily english
e) acronym that describes the concept
f) Software Relations Working Group Standard Task Force ACCC 12589 rev. 6

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NTFS, the New Technology File System, has been windows' default file system since 1993

"high definition" refers to 720p and above, with 1080p being Full High Definition and 2160p being Ultra High Definition

USB full speed was superceded by USB super speed, which was superceded by USB super speed+

using superlative names for tech products is always a terrible idea

i went to TPG's business NBN plan page to see what kind of advantages australian businesses get over home users

turns out the only differences are that you get a static IP and it's more expensive

ive been looking into the pricing of VPS and dedicated services with 160+GB of storage, as well as the price points of various block storage solutions, and i have reached my conclusion:

surely it can't be THAT bad to use wasabi as a nextcloud storage backend, can it? right? right?

what's to stop me from creating a FUSE driver that automatically chunks files into 500KB blocks of UTF-8 text and uploads them to pastebin, duplicating each one across several pastebin accounts to ensure redundancy

all you have to store locally is a big ol database full of pastebin IDs and what files they belong to

i tried to match the VPS tier that linode offers, this is the closest i could get

this one has nearly double the RAM of the linode one, as well as much more storage

and it's US$155/mo, which is, i would say, considerably far off from $600/mo

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according to this calculator:

linode's $40/mo tier costs $540/mo with AWS, and over $600/mo with GCP

where in the fuck are they getting these numbers from

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i swear there's a globally coordinated conspiracy between all VPS providers to offer a $40 plan that doesn't have enough space, and the next upgrade is $80

linode, digital ocean, vultr, why is this so common, what's wrong with the $60 price point, is it the web hosting equivalent of The Scottish Play or something

@lynnesbian you probably still would because the shit bastards will disable your ability to actually use the upstream in any meaningful way. I remember one time I opened a port to enable remote login (I think it was just ssh, it was nearly 20 years ago so I can't remember specifically) and my provider just turned off our internet until we called on the phone to troubleshoot and they informed us it was against ToS

i reloaded the page and started again, entering my details

but it said the username already exists

so, i tried to login, but it said password incorrect

so THEN i tried to restore the password, and "no account with this information exists"

guess i'm not using upcloud

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website: you need to provide 2FA to continue
me: *instinctively opens the TOTP app on my phone*
website: click here to receive the SMS

fucking banks

i'm trying to sign up for an upcloud account and it keeps failing on verifying my credit card

idk what to make of it but the API endpoint that checks the card details returns 403 forbidden so, does that mean i'm not allowed to check my credit card, or they weren't allowed to verify it, or what

hi is this the prime minister of australia? yeah i've been having some problems with my national infrastructure, i get horrendously shit internet even though my neighbour singapore has really good speeds

two sentence horror story 

Q: how can i delete my account?
A: here's our phone number:

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you know those sites that you sign up for because they refuse to give you any detailed information about their services

and then when you go to delete your account you find that you have to contact support with a custom inquiry

don't you love that

server hosts are the fucking landlords of the internet

sure it'd be a much better experience if you bought a house or used your own machine as a server but you can't because the barrier to entry is absurdly high, so instead you get to pay someone to be the person who pays for the barrier of entry

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the ONLY reason that i, or like 90% of people, use a VPS instead of a home server is because: home internet isn't fast enough

if i lived in one of those countries where people post screenshots of their 200mbps upload and say "why is my internet so slow" there's no fucking way i'd be paying for this shit

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you know those computers you get for $5 on sites like gumtree that are just listed as "HEWLETT PACKER COMPUTER - GOOD FOR EMAIL" that reek of cigarette smoke and make concerning grinding noises whenever you index the hard drive

how come THOSE pieces of shit can have more storage than a fucking VPS

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@lynnesbian lynne: you can't provide a service for four years and say it's still in beta

google: *laughs in gmail*

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