what am i most oppressed for? being trans? a woman? gay? polyamorous? no. not at all. none of those are even close to the oppression i face for being a laptop gamer

tfw i can't play cities skylines anymore because my laptop overheats and shuts down because the cooling pad i was using broke

@lynnesbian okay no the real question is how old is your laptop

@lynnesbian oh, really? out here, laptops from 2018 can run anything. speak to me when you're running games on a laptop from 2013

@woomy @lynnesbian Desktop from 2009, reporting in. (Though it does have an updated graphics card.)

Playing games like Warframe & Skyrim on medium graphics because anything higher gets me <20 FPS. (Even with medium graphics, I still get 10-15 FPS in some places.)

2011 laptop with Intel graphics checking in. I have been playing basically just Stardew Valley.

Sometimes I wish I played more console games just to spite the pc master race crowd.

@lynnesbian these fans scalding my bare legs as this thing hits 200c trying to run Fallout 4 is my gamers mark

@pizza @lynnesbian

Mine's OS X /and/ from 2013! (:

And I do have Windows installed on it as well, just because nearly every game *requires* it. Ugh, I hate Windows so much.

And I do have the version with a discrete graphics card. It's pretty old now, but still usable for some games. Depending on if 15-30fps is "usable". :3

@lynnesbian I played Team Fortress Classic with a trackball once. :angercrywall:

i find it hard to believe there’s any computer that can run Cities: Skylines for more than a few minutes without overheating

@lynnesbian water cool your laptop (set it on top of a ziploc bag full of ice water)

@lynnesbian Careful not to cronch as a midnight snack.

@lynnesbian huh, idk Lynne, I think gaming on laptops is perfectly viable
*only plays 10+ years old games or ones that look like they are that old*

@lynnesbian Use the freezer for instant cooling performance boost

@lynnesbian time to break out the dry ice and oxygen mask to avoid CO2 poisoning

@lynnesbian The oppression is built into the structure of the universe itself.

@lynnesbian reminder that *The Settlers: Rise of an Empire* refuses to work on Laptop GPUs just because it says it doesn't want to ...
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