block recommendation, CSA mention, weird homomisia, creepy shit 

okay so one of the lead developers of pleroma (specifically boosted this post by user detective hyde. hyde is kind of a pedo, as in, interacts with and replies to sexualised pictures of anime children (specifically loli). i strongly recommend a block if you don't want to see his shit.

karen boosted a post that he made (screenshotted below) that made a bunch of weird accusations such as calling me an ""ugh, men" lesbian" and saying that i tried to make my penis a meme (?) which backfired on me (?????). i don't particularly give a shit about this post, but i do care that karen - again, one of the lead developers of pleroma - boosted it, even while knowing full well that i followed her. she'd been saying and doing a lot of stuff i objected to for a while (being against the "fuck cis people" thing, openly admitting to having racist friends, never captioning images or using content warnings, interacting with but this was too much. i expect to be harassed by people like hyde but not by karen, especially since she did this a few days after making posts about how she wished we could "all just get along".

i'm not going to go as far to say this is harassment, but it's not exactly friendly behaviour. she even replied to the image before boosting it, saying that she wanted to boost it but also really didn't, which makes it obvious that she wasn't just having a "playful jab" and knew that i was going to take offense to it.

i know that both karen and hyde are gonna see this post, not just because of the way pleroma handles blocks, but also because they have people who screenshot my posts and send them to them (i don't know if this is true for karen but it definitely is for hyde - see second screenshot. he's not following me, yet he has a screenshot of one of my followers only posts), but i don't really care

evidence for the pedo thing - here he is in a thread with images of loli. i've deliberately broken the link by adding a space before the .org to avoid thumbnail previews. i'd also recommend blocking, who posted the loli images in the first place.

https://mastodon.sergal. org/@cant_into/101820754331049450

speaking of detectives i'm gonna put on my detective hat

in the screenshot hyde had, you can see that the first post in the thread is favourited. here's a list of the people who had favourited the status at the time.

the time in the screenshot was 8:38pm, which suggests that it was screencapped from someone using an american (US) timezone. that narrows down the options a bit.

all this being said I'm 99% sure i know who it is

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also the nosleep guy talking about agp is the same guy who wrote this shit

(transmisia, harassment, etc)

don't bother trying to report it, someone reported it ages ago and it's still in a state of being "processed", and they only allow one report per user

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what the fuck is with all the people defending pedophilia in this thread

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i just checked to see who the admin is (couldn't find a link) and uhh wow people are angry at me

karen's even saying "i still wish we could all get along" in the same fucking post as she accuses me of starting a witch hunt which, in my opinion, is really cool and good and shows that she understands what she did wrong

for a group of people who claim not to care about me they sure don't ever ever ever fucking shut up about me

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shoutout to the person who sent me (non-explicit) loli while mocking me for not being a pedophile though

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@lynnesbian yikes

also i'm definitely an "ugh, men" lesbian and that is something to be proud of :blobcatsip:

@00dani @lynnesbian OK, I have communicated with several of those "ugh men", and most of them have been very reasonable and nice to me. Even tough my name is very much male.

Am I doing something wrong?

@loke @lynnesbian hmm, maybe! it's quite rare that they're reasonable and nice :blobcatthinking:

block recommendation, CSA mention, weird homomisia, creepy shit 

@lynnesbian Disappointed but not surprised.

@lynnesbian oh my god, i misread and my heart fluttered thinking i was being called out for a sec. sorry you have to deal with dicks online.

@lynnesbian oh right that article full of accidental compliments abt how gay and cute and lovable u are

@lynnesbian "we believe in free speech" in their project description is such a red flag lol. sorry you have to deal with this.

Quick question. If I may, where did you find this "'we believe in free speech' in the project description"? I checked, the linked blog post and the README on, but couldn't find the phrase "free speech" anywhere. Do you know of a project description that I don't know of?

@funkeh Ah, I see. So I only misinterpreted that. Thanks.

@lynnesbian Are you doing ok? Sorry you gotta keep dealing with all this shit.

@Bisexuhell honestly i find it pretty hard to be upset by a racist pedophile saying i'm a bad lesbian

@BadAtNames @ida @ben @Bisexuhell oh my fucking god he's watching this thread

nosleep you insufferable cunt. get a fucking life my dude. i can't believe you actually fucking DM'd me asking for help with setting up an ebooks bot. surely there are better things to do than creating this epic ironic content on gitlab where you ramble about how angry you are that people are having fun. you are legitimately wasting your life, and that's coming from me

pun maybe in bad taste right now 

@lynnesbian @BadAtNames @ben @Bisexuhell either way though i hope we're all loosing no sleep over all this

@ida @lynnesbian @BadAtNames @Bisexuhell

this is the kind of thing where I'm more confused than upset

like, why would someone make this

what purpose does this serve

do *they* want this object to exist?

@ben @lynnesbian @BadAtNames @Bisexuhell i mean they say it's supposed to be a parody that one blocklist, so i guess just making fun of it yeah

@ida @lynnesbian @BadAtNames @Bisexuhell


but it's a parody that makes the assumption that bigotry is funny

@ida @lynnesbian @BadAtNames @Bisexuhell


and that's not a funny parody, that's just someone being a bigot and trying to convince themself that it's funny to be a bigot

@lynnesbian while I am sorry that clique continues to bother you, and I am generally not a fan of that crowd, I must observe that particular clique of people also use Mastodon and, increasingly, Misskey as well.

@kaniini i'm referring to one of the lead developers of pleroma though

@lynnesbian kitsune probably doesn't mean any harm, they just like any excuse to spam fedi with cuteposts
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