@selontheweb imagine going to the beach one day and just seeing dozens of decaying garfield phones

a wave crashes on the shore, washing up another one


Planet of the Apes ending but instead of the statue of liberty it's Garfield phones

@selontheweb @lynnesbian a filthy garfield phone, tangled in seaweed and flecked with fish guts, washes onto the beach by your feet.

it rings. dying, you limply wrestle the receiver from the seaweed and put it to your crumbling ear

"I hate Mondays", it says. so do you.

@morae @selontheweb @lynnesbian This viral marketing campaign for Doom's "Shores of Hell" is really going off the rails.

@morae @selontheweb @lynnesbian Obviously there's a portal to Deimos where all these phones are coming from.

@lynnesbian @selontheweb that's just what the fediverse looks like in real life

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