what gives companies the right to silence my speech. why should i be kicked out of target for simply debating the ethics of racial genocide with the customers

the first amendment means that speech is protected everywhere, and companies cannot silence me. the second amendment means i cannot be banned from the mcdonalds playground for wielding a pistol

@lynnesbian I stand with you! I have every right to discuss with Bed, Bath, and Beyond employees which cookware set would be best for cooking human flesh. I am positively outraged that the entire company filed a restraining order against me for something as trivial as discussing my eating habits in regards to what cookware set would be best for the food I regularly eat. :blobcat_sip:

@lynnesbian By the third amendment we've reached synthesis and the cashier can no longer ask me to "please order already" when I'm talking about how cool all of my guns are.

@clerical @lynnesbian and why aren't public roads or suitable alternatives available for when I want to drive my M1-Abhrams to the grocery store? :blobastonished:


i had a lawyer friend once who told me how hilarious it was when someone got up in an Australian court and claimed First Amendment rights.

"yeah, why don't you call 911 while you're at it"

put big ol sarcasm tags around this one 

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