it's weird to think about all these technologies that exist that can only be used with one device

UMDs are PSP only, switch cartridges are switch only, guitar hero for DS only works on the original and the lite, etc

they were invented, patented, sold, used for one thing and never again

it's very common with game consoles


i guess there was that one PSP dev kit computer that had a UMD drive

@alexbuzzbee @lynnesbian the word Universal made me suspicious so I've read a bit about it.

Based on the specs, design, and knowing Sony in general I'd say this thing was made to replace the MiniDisc but executive failure to market or build read/write devices doomed it to failure.

@lynnesbian Give that UMD door a window and it would look cyberpunk af. :blobeyes:

@Jo @lynnesbian the UMD spec has a door as an optional feature :thonking: not sure why they didn't use it.

@lynnesbian Sony dev kits don't deserve to be this elegant

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