@lynnesbian This is precious and perfect. Thank you for bringing this to my attention

@udell_games @lynnesbian The biggest rabbit in the world, Darius, was a flemish giant.

His son Simon also, and he was projected to grow even larger but then a plane mishap occured and it became a legal matter, and...

See loweringthebar.net/2017/05/gia.

Anyway, all you really need is a picture:

@faho @udell_games @lynnesbian I would like to see this phrase appear in all legal action against United

@udell_games @faho @lynnesbian that's what they get for cremating the giant rabbit Simon without anyone's consent

@robotcarsley @udell_games @lynnesbian This reminds me of when The Undertaker threw Simon off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table, without anyone's consent.

@robotcarsley @udell_games @lynnesbian Also here's the world's smallest rabbit breed, the Pygmy Rabbit, with "adult weights from 375 to about 500 grams (0.827 to about 1.102 lb), and a body length from 23.5 to 29.5 centimeters (9.3 to 11.6 in); females are slightly larger than males":

@lynnesbian hi lynne are you flemish

because you are also very good

@lynnesbian I met one once in Beijing and it was the best! They're so cute!

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